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A full set of rules are available at the AMA's website! This is just a small portion of important rules at our field!

(1) All club members shall act as Safety Officers, they have the right
and the responsibility to see that other fliers act in a safe and
responsible matter.

(2) All flying activities shall conform to current AMA regulations and all
fliers must be an AMA member in good standing.

(3) There will be no alcoholic beverages or drugs allowed on the field
at any time.

(4) Your current AMA card shall be attached to the frequency board
for the frequency of your transmitter before you turn on your
transmitter, this includes 2.4 as well.

(5) Anyone turning on a radio without first having the frequency tagged
and causes another plane to crash will be responsible for the
replacement of that plane.

(6) All flight equipment will be kept in the designated pit area.

(7) No flying over the pit, spectator, or parking areas. All flying will be
done to the East of the field in front of the pit area. NO FLYING

(8) Guests are permitted to fly, only if they have an AMA membership
card, and are accompanied by a club member. They shall follow
AMA and club rules. The club member shall be responsible for the
guests actions.

(9) No standing on the field to fly, all pilots must stay behind the fenced in designated area.

(10) When flying gas airplanes fire extinguishers are required to be within ten feet of the plane at start up.

(11) No taxiing into the pit area.

(12) All members are responsible for the enforcement of these rules.